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            1. Admissions




              Applicants must be foreign nationality in good health, and obtained bachelor’s degree.

              1. Online application(http://www.654955.com/);

              2. Notarized Bachelor’s Degree in English or Chinese (If applicants are university students, they should provide original notarized pre-graduation certificate in English or Chinese.);

              3. Notarized undergraduate transcript (Chinese or English);

              4. Two recommendation letters by professors or associate professors in Chinese or English;

              5. Study Plan(not less than 800 words);

              6. Copy of Passport(Valid for one year at least) and photo(size: 3.5*4.9cm);

              7. Chinese-medium courses: HSK-4 or above (score: 210 or above, valid for two years);

              8. English-medium courses: TOTEL 80 or above/IELTS 5.5 or above;

              9. Foreigner Physical Examination Form.

              Academic Calendar and Fees

              Academic Calendar

              Fall Semester: early September — mid January
              Spring Semester: late February — early July
              Summer Semester: early July — early August

              Fees (Unit:RMB/year)

              Duration2-3 years
              Registration ? ?fee400
              Housing fee(excluding ? ?electricity and internet fee)600/month/bed

              Note:?All the fees are ?non-refundable except Housing fee.

              Contact us

              College of International Education, HIT

              Add: ?No. 11 Siling Street, Nangang District, Harbin 150001 P.R. China
              Tel: ?+86-451-86402455, +86-451-86412647,+86-451-86418461
              E-mail: StudyatHIT@hit.edu.cn
              Website: http://www.654955.com/

              [download]HIT Master’s Degree Programs (Chinese-medium Programs)

              [download]HIT Master’s Degree Programs(English-medium Programs)

              [download]Physical examination record for foreigner

              [download]Study Plan

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