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            1. Alumni

              Best Wishes From Students

              • Kim Sothea

                Cambodia Bachelor
                Hello, Everyone. My name is Kim Sothea (金速利). I am from the amazing Kingdom of Cambodia. In 2012, I was fortunate enough to obtain the prestigious Chinese Government Scholarship to study at Harbin Institute of Technology, and successfully graduated with a bachelor of Civil Engineering in 2016 along with some remarkable achievements including HSK Level 6, HIT Star (星光璀璨)
              • Back Gyeong Ryeong

                republic of Korea Master
              • Mikhail Telmanov

                Russia Master
                My name is Mikhail Telmanov from Russia, I graduated from School of Mechatronics Engineering for master degree in 2017. Currently, I am working as Wireless MSSD product manager in Huaiwei Moscow. Thanks to the experience at HIT, I became a completely different man.Ability of intercultural communication made me competent for my present job
              • Bachirou Guene Lougou

                Benin Ph.D.
                Hello everyone, I ’m Bachirou Guene Lougou from Benin. I studied a Ph.D. in Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics at Harbin Institute of Technology from 2015 to 2018. After graduation, I joined the faculty of School of Energy Science and Engineering in HIT. Mainly engaged in research o
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